Why to establish the energy information system ENIS

For quality decision-making when managing an organization, one needs precise and immediate information. It is no different in the energy sector. If you wish to control your energy usage and cost, as well as processes, which consume energy, you need a modern information system, based on energy use measurements and efficiency indicators (EnPI). ENEKOM builds energy management information systems under the brand name ENIS.

Establishing energy information systems is a process, where a number of developmental activities are implemented at a global level. The development of drivers and computers caused the establishment of energy management systems, and now with the development and accessibility of information technologies and with the awareness of the importance of energy use control, energy information systems are developed and implemented.

The system suits the needs of the organization

Establishing information systems greatly depends on the size and type of the organization. Organizations that are quickest to adopt energy information systems are the organizations where energy use presents a large cost relative to overall expenses or where the energy cost is an absolutely large amount. The development of web tools also, for example, accelerated the establishment of energy information systems for larger groups of smaller energy consumers. Despite the organization's size, good organizations, which are aware of the importance of energy management systems, decide to establish energy information systems.

When establishing energy information system, one should know that an information system is only a tool, which has to be used appropriately to save money. When establishing an energy information system, ENEKOM provides appropriate functionalities of the system (such as acquiring data on energy use and energy factors, constructing efficiency indicators, determining target values with the CSRE system, access to the system, functional possibilities and other), it also devotes the same amount of attention to implementing the information system into the operation of the organization.

What is the CSRE system

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