A winning combination

We all wish to decrease energy costs and to consume energy more sustainably. To achieve that, we have to establish a suitable energy management system, which is based on organization's energy use complexity and costs. It is also important how we handle establishing or upgrading energy management systems.

Winning one step at a time

The first step to constructing a system is to establish a relevant review of energy use, based on a comprehensively conducted energy audit.

The second step, which can also be used for implementing proposed measures from the energy audit, is to construct an efficient energy information system. The construction of the system includes the establishment of a measuring system based on the analyses of energy currents, as well as the determination and valuation of efficiency indicators.

Such an approach enables an efficient energy management system, based on indicators and an established responsibility system, to be created in the third step.

More than 20 systems

ENEKOM cooperated with expert groups from various organizations to create more than 20 energy management systems for the most demanding Slovenian energy consumers. The ENEKOM approach is successfully presented in the European space, on the most demanding international conferences, within European projects or within expert groups from multinational companies.

Implementing an energy management system, along with a suitable choice of products by the company ENEKOM, is a winning combination.

What is energy management system?

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