Saving money with energy audits

Based on detailed analyses of conditions and cooperation with an expert group within the organization, implementing an energy audit can encourage many ways to save money. Savings can be achieved with simple measures, which require changes only in the operational organization. The real value of an energy audit is demonstrated when determining expert basis for complex investment.The return of investment for ENEKOM energy audits is averagely less than a year.

Plan of measures

Within the energy audit, we create a plan, which proposes possible organizational and investment measures and also enables systemic achievement of savings. With every measure, the level and return of investment and a sensible priority of measure implementation are determined alongside energy and cost savings.

Recorded energy cost savings, which fluctuate between 5 and 15 percent of total energy cost in organizations, depend on multiple factors. These factors are mostly energy complexity of organizations, existing energy use control and organizational and expert qualifications of responsible persons. The experiences of organizations, which have had an energy audit done by ENEKOM, showed that most of proposed measures are implemented within five years after the conclusion of the energy audit.

A well implemented energy audit is a foundation for an efficient upgrade of an energy management system, which is a tool for continued increase of energy efficiency and cost reduction.

What are the possibilities of energy audits 

Even the best need an energy audit


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