What is the energy management system?

An energy management system is a common name for all the activities, which affect energy use and its costs. Energy efficiency and consequent savings are directly connected to the quality of the organization's established energy management system. The experiences of ENEKOM on the field of energy management systems are established under the brand name SUe.

In organizations where responsibilities and energy management processes aren't clearly determined, energy use and its costs are usually increasing, as the appropriate mechanisms for encouraging efficient energy use aren't established. 

Responsibility for organization's performance dictates that important elements of the energy management system are determined in writing and are confirmed by the organization's management.

Standard SIST EN ISO 50001

When identifying the situation and determining guidelines for system development, it is sensible to rely on the international standard Standard SIST EN ISO 50001 “Energy management systems”. The standard represents a basis for efficient implementation of an energy management system, as its creation is based on experiences from practice.

Within the energy management system we have to:

The responsibility for implementing individual activities must be clearly determined for the energy management system.

It's sensible to establish an energy management system based on economical efficiency.

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