What can we achieve with an energy audit?

A quality energy audit enables a comprehensive and a more detailed insight in the energetics of an organization and with it, comes a basis for continued energy cost reduction. Proposed measures, which we determine based on an implemented energy audit, enable a more economical response and define the indicators of operation for an organization for the next three to five years.

An energy audit is a tool, which is the start of every activity to improve energy efficiency. Under the concept of an energy audit, many activities actually take place – from simple analyses of energy consumption, which are implemented within expert groups in organizations, to comprehensive energy audits, which enable the creation of a quality mid-term energy strategy.

Don't miss your chances

If a comprehensive review of possibilities for energy consumption optimization isn't implemented, some opportunities are lost, which is evident in higher energy costs.

When conducting an energy audit, it is important to ensure suitable expertise and independence of the contractor. Based on good cooperation with expert groups within organizations, we can identify and also implement simpler measures that don't require higher investments.

ENEKOM proposes the optimal form of an energy audit, based on a review of your organization.

Saving money with energy audits

Even the best need energy audit

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