Even the best need an energy audit

ENEKOM carries out energy audits in organizations that are aware of the importance of efficient energy use, of reducing environmental burdens and, last but not least, reducing cost. We are proud to say that our audits satisfy even the most energy efficient organizations with demanding technological and energy processes and with competent expert groups.

With the energy audit, even the best get new ideas for successful continued work and its only purpose isn't to confirm the success of an organization. 

You can choose an energy audit

Periodic energy audit implementation

Regardless of the degree of efficiency of your organization, a periodic energy audit implementation by external experts is economically reasonable. The periodicity of such an energy audit depends mostly on the level of the organization's energy management system, on the established expert group and on the amount and complexity of energy use.

The implementation of an energy audit can be one of the best economical investments, with a payback period of possibly even less than a year.

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What are the possibilities of energy audits

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