What is the CSRE system

The CSRE system, which we started implementing more than ten years ago, is an abbreviation for targeted energy use monitoring. The abbreviation CSRE, which, in Slovenia, has become a synonym for energy management information systems that evaluate energy efficiency using the targeted monitoring system, is a brand name of the company ENEKOM. The CSRE system is one of the key elements of the energy management information system, ENIS.

The targeted energy use monitoring system CSRE enables efficient energy use management based on the comparison of actual energy use versus the target use, which is determined based on the extent of energy factor (the cause of energy use), using the M&T method.

With Monitoring&Targeting method we can directly define the energy efficiency regarding the characteristic use of energy of the process, where energy is used. Target group for M&T method are owners and energy managers.

The CSRE system's innovative solutions 

The targeted energy use monitoring system CSRE contains many innovative solutions in the field of energy management systems. Among other things, it enables:

Targeted energy use monitoring systems CSRE enable its users to achieve continued savings. The success of CSRE systems in Slovenia is confirmed by the fact that most of major organizations in Slovenia, which received an award for energy efficiency, had implemented CSRE.

Why to establish the energy information system

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