ENIS savings

ENIS is an abbreviation for energy management information system. With the intention of reaching higher visibility, ENEKOM registered a brand name that specifies information systems with short payback periods. For saving money, a comprehensive approach to building a system and excellent cooperation with an expert group within the organization is crucial.

Energy management information system ENIS represents a comprehensive energy information system that is built based on the needs and the state of the organization. The main elements of the ENIS system, which includes the most contemporary information tools, are:

Comprehensive management of data

The ENIS system represents a basis for saving money. There is a rule that says the energy use usually increases, if we don't measure it. It is also true that we can't efficiently save money, if we don't comprehensively manage the data on energy usage and cost.

The ENIS system is a key element in an energy management system, as it provides the data on measured energy use values, which are evaluated based on energy factors (causes of energy use). It also enables the evaluation of efficiency in a longer time period.

Short payback periods

In projects where energy information systems are implemented (based on the evaluation of established efficiency indicators) ENEKOM usually achieves direct payback periods shorter than three years. In case of pilot projects in larger organizations, the payback period can be shorter than a year.

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